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  • hey there. I'm trying to play rotu revolution with my friends, but there seems to be a problem with the server. first, the server recognizes me as a hacker and tries to kick me, second, there is no zombie spawning. can you please help me configuring my own private server? thanks.

  • in fact I was wondering if it is possible to have a mystery box (giving random weapons like BO and WaW) just to make the game more challenging? I'm starting to play this mod with my friends on private servers, and we hope to have a mystery box. as I checked the ff file, there is such possibility in the mod.

  • well, i managed to solve the problem, i was somehow unfamiliar to the config files. can I have the discord cahnnel link? i wanna ask more questions. thanks

  • Hey, thanks to reaching out us.
    Could be more helpful if you can post some images on discord to issue the problem.


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