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  • Hi all!

    As you probably know I needed to move the servers to an another provider, because they raised the costs of the dedicated server. However I have never had issues with them, still recommend them, but I cannot afford to the 10 EUR/month extra cost.

    So as followed, I moved the server to a different host, should be everything up and running, as before.

    Our new IP addresses:

    HC FFA:
    HC SD:

    Or you can connect with<PORT> as before.

    Enjoy, any issues, let us know over Discord, or here.

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  • Dead all.

    We had slight issue with the servers lately, kicked all non-english version players from the servers.
    It fixed for now hopefully.


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  • Hey, thanks to reaching out us.
    Could be more helpful if you can post some images on discord to issue the problem.

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  • Hi, we doesn't have BF1942 servers at all, you found a wrong forum.

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  • Well, time has come. We needed a strange switch from our existing CoD4 servers and administrative tools, those were unmaintained, hence it worked as is.

    So decided to start a completly new forum, and admin system, which is this forum.
    I gonna start building up nicely as time passing by, but give me some time to do so.

    Still figuring out stuffs, and hacking the box, to get it done.

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